Extending your home with a garden building

We’re dealers for some of the best ranges of garden buildings in the UK, from greenhouses and polytunnels for keen growers to studios, sheds and summer houses. We’ve a good selection in the Station Yard so that you can really check them out and we’re here to help you find the right one for your garden

Sheds, Garden Rooms and more at The Pot Place Plumpton, Cumbria

Sheds and storage

If you’re looking for good value and a shed that will last then The Pot Place is worth a visit. We’ve a range of garden buildings on site including some of the best-known names in the industry and there’s a chance to see with everything from wood stores to traditional potting sheds.

Garden buildings and sheds at The Pot Place Plumpton Cumbria

Greenhouses and polytunnels

As a dealer for Elite and Swallow GB greenhouses as well as Filclair polytunnels, we’ve an option for every grower and every garden. Designs and colours vary from the traditional to the most modern with wooden and metal framed greenhouses and polytunnels of all sizes.

Green Houses and garden buildings at The Pot Place Plumpton Cumbria

Studios and garden offices

Whether you’re working from home or just like the idea of an extra room in your garden, we have timber buildings that will work for you. We also have lots of experience and a network of local suppliers to customise your building to suit your needs.

Sunrooms, Studios, Garden Rooms, Garden furniture and more at The Pot Place Plumpton, Cumbria

Advice and expertise

Even before you’ve chosen your garden building, we can advise on creating a firm base for construction. Add to that our experience of selecting the right design for your garden plus our help on security, roofing options and drainage and it’s worth talking to us before you buy.

Sheds, Garden Rooms and more at The Pot Place Plumpton, Cumbria

We’re here to help

We’d like to help you make the most of your garden. If you want to have colour all year, we can advise on planting combinations and if you’re looking for a garden building, we can explain the best options for your outdoor space. We’ve built up decades of garden know how and we’re happy to help.

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