Big Tom – Super Tomato Food


Big Tom Super Tomato Food is enriched with the essential nutrients for a tastier and bigger yield of tomatoes.

  • Juicy more tasty tomatoes
  • Packed with extra strength nutrients
  • Makes 62 feeds
  • Seaweed enriched
  • NPK 6-3-9.5

Why Use
Enriched with essential nutrients that stay in the soil and are easily absorbed for increased yields and tastier tomatoes. Containing a naturally occurring root stimulant and micronutrients for best results

  • Bigger yields
  • Easily absorbed nutrients
  • Added micro-nutrients
  • Extra iron and magnesium
  • Water management element for healthier plants
  • Also suitable for feeding flowering plants all around your garden
  • Added wetting agent to increase nutrient uptake
  • Root growth-boosting biostimulant
  • Extra magnesium and iron to support plants health

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