On the 22nd of March 2024, we handed over our 6th & 7th ambulances to our good friends in the Lviv EMD. They were taken straight to the frontline along with the equipment we packed inside them. In the South and East of Ukraine, they need a constant supply of vehicles for the evacuation and treatment of military and civilians as they are targeted by the invading forces. The aggression they face is relentless, so our effort has to match this. With your support and donations, we can keep this going.

The level of humanitarian need in Ukraine is still staggeringly high. Conflict over the last two years has affected millions of people, claiming lives and homes. Ten million people have been displaced and many are without access to food, water and electricity.

Our donations so far of NHS ambulances, and paramedic motorbikes will help replace those Ukrainian ambulances lost to war. Our ambulances bring vital lifesaving care to Ukrainians remaining in towns and cities and soldiers on the frontline.

We have launched our next appeal to take 3 vehicles, an ambulance (our 8th) and two 4×4 rapid response cars.

Please help if you can by either donating on our Just Giving page or in person at the garden centre. Thank you for your continued support, our friends in Ukraine need our help more than ever!!

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ambulances 6 and 7
Leaving the potplace with ambulances 6 and 7
Hanover in Lviv Ambulance Station